Diving Into SailsJS: The First Voyage

To Begin...

I was recently tasked with creating a web development tutorial. The only restriction? To create my own adventure!

My Adventure of Choice: SailsJS

I've been meaning to tackle node.js for a bit now and this seemed like as good a time as any.

At First Glance

Love at First Sight

From the SailsJS Homepage

Setup and Installation

I decided to setup a local Vagrant box to serve as my node.js / SailsJS playground.

In the meantime (while my Vagrant box is installing), I hopped onto my trusty Digital Ocean droplet, installed MongoDB and SailsJS. Created a new SailsJS project... and was up in running in literally seconds.

Fresh Install Screen

More to come...

As in... there will be more to come! ;)

* *Edit: In about the time it took me to write this post, I was up and running on my Vagrant box (thank you Vaprobash! * ... on to building something great! ... or just something ;)

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