Optimistic UI Updates in React (egghead.io course)

It's been out for several months now, but my first egghead.io course was recently released πŸŽ‰ The course is Optimistic UI Updates in React where I illustrate by example creating more responsive, snappier user interfaces by leveraging optimistic UI updates specifically with React although the concept applies generally regardless of technologies and frameworks involved.

I wrote an accompanying Medium post that walks through the first half of the course and the first example of breaking down the process of building a Twitter-inspired user interface where a user can β€œlike” a tweet and explore some of the challenges of optimistically updating the UI to reflect:

  1. Whether or not the current user has liked a tweet
  2. The current total number of likes a tweet has

Accounting for reverting state upon request failures and a handful of edge cases along the way.

Related reading if you want to dive deeper on the topic of Optimistic UI updates: True Lies Of Optimistic User Interfaces

View the entire Egghead.io Course here: https://egghead.io/courses/optimistic-ui-updates-in-react

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