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Building a simple TODO app with Ruby on Rails - part 1

April 16, 2014

Recently, I took a dive into the world of Ruby on Rails. Overall it was an awesome experience, I’ve come away from it with a ton of new concepts, and it has had a positive impact on my php development (which I use at my job).

A super quick overview of this simple TODO app I threw together with Ruby on Rails:

Visit the: Github Repo

  • Multi-Level ORM relationships between
  • Users
  • Projects
  • Tasklists
  • Tasks
  • Tags Many-To-Many Tasks<->Tags
  • Ajax based CRUD operations all from the homepage dashboard
  • With the exception of Tags.
  • A huge list of TODO items I have that I would love to implement once I free some time up.

Right now, this is built around using Rail’s respond to ... format.js approach More info on that…

The next step would be to convert this to an AngularJS front end which consumes a RESTful JSON API backend. Until then…

Screenshot of the Homepage/Dashboard

From the Github Repo

Rails TODO App (simple)

A simple TODO app built in the works to illustrate the beauty of learning Ruby on Rails.

This will ultimately serve as a RESTful json API to be consumed by its sister project, an AngularJS SPA TODO app.

In the meantime in will take many forms.

There are a variety of relationships between users, projects, tasklists, tasks, and tags.

Oversimplified relationships: user->projects->tasklists->tasks<->tags

For an idea of the overall structure checkout db/schema.rb and the app/models directory

Features Implemented
  • Basic models and ORM relationships set up
  • 1st revision Ajax (using Rail’s format.js method(s)) CRUD for Users, Projects, Tasklists, and Tasks (from ’/’ dashboard)
  • Refine ORM relationships
  • Model validation/etc…
  • 1st revision json api
  • Link up AngularJS TODO app

For now… steer clear ;). But if you must

git clone
cd rails-todo-app-simple # project directory
rake db:setup
rails server
# Head on over to http://localhost:3000

Visit the: Github Repo

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