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So I've Been Looking at Ember.js ...

October 11, 2014

It seems when it comes to Javascript MVC frameworks it can be dizzying trying to keep up with which is the hottest “Best” option to go with for a new project.


I’ve spent a bit of time tinkering with AngularJS and few others, but have yet to really invest any serious time in diving in deep into any of the Javascript frameworks out there. I’ve recently had my eyes set on Ember.js. I really like the convention-over-configuration and the huge emphasis on the role of the URL (Tom Dale).

I’ve been hearing more and more about EmberJS lately and feel like it deserves a bit of my time :) …


… coming from the wonderful world of Laravel development, this makes me feel right at home.

Case and point:

From the Laravel PHP MVC Framework’s homepage

Moving onto looking deeper into the EmberJS website you will immediately notice that the documentation is well organized and that the Ember team puts a huge emphasis on clear, complete examples

… again, feeling totally at home after spending the majority of my days with the Laravel docs open!

Right on the first page:

To help you get started, we’ve also made a 30-minute screencast that will guide you through building a full-featured Ember.js application.

Source for EmberJS Example Application:

Anyhow, you could spend days digging through the docs, guides, and website. Not to mention the awesome (growing) list of dedicated EmberJS learning resources available out there:

Over the next few weeks/months, I hope to get some serious time in with Ember.js and get a feel for if it is a better fit for my needs style than some of the other Javascript MVC frameworks out there (i.e. AngularJS, React, etc…)

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