Erik Aybar

Hello Gatsby, Goodbye Ghost.

February 01, 2018

I’ve been using Gatsby for my local, private dev log which has been useful for logging accomplishments and victories at work. I’ve really been impressed with Gatsby and my current site (run on Ghost) has been long overdue for a rework. I’ve been wanting to dive deeper with Gatsby and get a fresh start on blogging.

To Ghost’s credit, it has been by far the best blogging platform for me to date. It’s been chugging along for ~5 years without any issues. I’ve loved the simple writing UI/CMS backend. I’m hoping I can adjust to Gatsby’s more low-level “working with raw directories and markdown files” approach. Ghost is markdown based which should make migrating to Gatsby a breeze.

Next step is to deploy with Netlify, yet another technology I’ve been wanting to explore. Eventually I’ll migrate old posts from the old site, take over the domain, and retire it.

Erik Aybar

👋🏽 Hi! I'm Erik Aybar. I'm a software person working remotely from St. George, Utah. This is my blog.