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Links and Stuff: July 2014

July 05, 2014

If there is anything that is universal to web developers across technological and cultural boundaries, it is searching for solutions … a lot.

I’ve decided that I will keep a log of the most useful links I come across. Maybe they will help others out on their similar quests … and! … More likely so I can have a quick way to reference “that article that seems to have been lost in the abyss that is my browser history”.

I will keep these types of lists down to only resources that I, for some reason or other, found noteworthy at the time. Feel free to share any must-have’s that you feel belong on the list.

Pardon the lack of details ;)

Testing (PHPSpec, PHPUnit, and Laravel)—cms-20919


Software Engineering



Some Code…

Some of the results of my experimentation: works in progress…

Todo Application using Laravel, AngularJS, and Vagrant/Homestead

A minimal example of testing Laravel’s Eloquent relationships using PHPSpec with much more in the works…

Package: SendGrid Web API

My first shot at developing a standalone PSR compliant package. This will interface with SendGrid’s Web API for sending email, list management, and reporting/analytics.

ErikAybar\SendGridWeb - GitHub Repo

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