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OctoberCMS - The First Encounter

July 06, 2014

I have had my eye on OctoberCMS development for some time now and it was recently released to the public.

Time to give it a shot.

Here we go…


While the documentation (which at a glance looks amazingly comprehensive and user friendly) recommends using the Easy/Wizard Installer let’s be honest … as a developer I had no other choice but to stick with the CLI installation instructions

… Reminiscing of my first encounters with Installing Laravel with Composer

Installing OctoberCMS with Composer

Don’t forget to:

  • Generate a unique key for I’m guessing/hoping the wizard install covers this for you. Easy enough via php artisan key:generate

  • Make the few changes required to the config files (app, cms, database, etc…)

  • Note to Laravel developers there is no ProjectRoot/public it looks as though the OctoberCMS team decided to promote those contents directly to ProjectRoot so make sure to set your document root correctly to ProjectRoot

  • Thanks to @taylorotwell’s brilliant Vagrant/Homestead solution development environment, I simply had to:

    • add 4 lines to my Homestead.yaml
    • update my /etc/hosts file
    • vagrant reload --provision
    • browse to and..

… We’re in!

… I will admint, that easier than expected on the first run. All in all (including the time it took me to put this together), I am looking at ~20 minutes. I’m assuming the wizard installer is much quicker, and had I just ran throught the process (excluding screenshots/rambling) it would have been more like a 5 - 10 minute process from discovery to browsing to “The Demo”.

I’m excited to get some time in with OctoberCMS both as a developer and a potential user.

As a developer, this article on Raising the Bar of Quality got me more than excited to poke around the source code.

The quality of code was immediately clear and concise from even the very early Alpha stages. I was so blown away with the quality of code and forethought by Aleksey and Sam that I was literally inspired and compelled to start coding. - ChadStrat from RadiantWeb

As someone who has been spending the majority of my days with Laravel 4+ since December, I can say they definitely have some enjoyable source code and look to be 100% open to contributions.

I would be interested to hear from others’ take on OctoberCMS* who also have experience developing Laravel-based applications.

I hope to get some time in with it… and deep breath… migrate this very website over to using it. We’ll see how it goes…

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