Erik Aybar

React, JSX, and ES6 example "Hello World" with JSBin in 4 minutes

June 09, 2015

In this short ~4 minute video, I quickly cover how you can easily use JSBin to experiment with React Facebook’s UI library and touch on some basics of React component creation, ES6, and JSBin.

Example JSBin from video:,output

I’ve shared more thoughts on my experience adopting React both for personal projects as well as in the workplace here:

Topics covered in video:

  • Enabling JSX and ES6 in JSBin via Babel
  • Writing a simple React component
  • Using the ES6 class syntax for our React component
  • Passing props into a React component
  • Customizing JSBin to enable Sublime Text keyboard shortcuts and multi-cursor

Erik Aybar

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