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Up And Running with AngularJS - Part 2

May 21, 2014

Ok, so in my intro to AngularJS I covered the absolute basics of how to get started with AngularJS and went only as far as loading the AngularJS library into the page, setting up a basic controller, and using some 2-way data binding. Absolute basics only…

Here, I am going to fast forward quite a bit and see if I can crank out a more complete example which I will then build on (eventually building out the RESTful backend API and using the AngularJS front end to consume and interact with the data).

We will be building…

If there is one lesson I’ve learned over my time experimenting with side projects such as this, it is that nailing down a concrete “idea” and sticking with it from concept to product is easier said than done. Having said that I am going to keep this example application as simple as possible.

GitHub Repository

TODO app

Focusing only on the first iteration of the front end AngularJS components, this app will:

  • Allow a project to have multiple tasks
  • Where Tasks may:

    • Have a title
    • Have a due date
    • Have a complete status
    • Be marked as complete
    • Be deleted
    • ~ Have comments left on them
  • Utilize hard coded data in place of retreiving data from the API

Some pieces that I will leave for future development:

  • Drag/Drop functionality
  • Allow a user to have multiple projects
  • Implement login/authentication

Kick start the development process

For now, I will continue working out of the up-and-running-with-angularjs repository we created last time (part-2)

As I said, I am going to fast forward a bit. I won’t worry too much about the installation of these requirements, but I will try to list them out completely.

First things first, get the above installed, up, and running.

Now let’s get a glimpse of the magic that Yeoman provides us.

$ yo angular TodoYoAngular

Run Yo AngularJS Generator

Looking a bit closer at what just happened, we can see Yeoman generated quite a few files for us

$ tree -L 2 -I node_module*

├── Gruntfile.js
├── app
│   ├── 404.html
│   ├── bower_components
│   ├── favicon.ico
│   ├── images
│   ├── index.html
│   ├── robots.txt
│   ├── scripts
│   ├── styles
│   └── views
├── bower.json
├── karma-e2e.conf.js
├── karma.conf.js
├── package.json
└── test
    ├── runner.html
    └── spec

$ # Fire up the Grunt server
$ grunt serve

And like magic!…


GitHub Repository

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