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Smarter Local Developement: Setting up Vagrant on Mac OS X (The Easy Way)

March 04, 2014

Hi. Meet Vagrant: Your New Best Friend

You may be among the elite few who have made the leap. I, myself, was nearly one of them a few months back. I tweaked around with installing Vagrant on my trusty MacBook Pro dev machine. Heck, I even got a few Vagrant environments up and running locallly.

Unfortunately it stopped there. I kept all of my real development confined to the wonderful world of MAMP.

Today that stops. Today, I am going to “launch” … hah, an open source project that is going to fully utilize Vagrant development and stick to it.

Enough of the pre-action rant. Let’s boil this down to the easiest possible steps to get up and running.

Step One: System Requirements

Now, my apologies if I am wrong for assuming… but I will just go ahead and assume that we are all adults here and you can manage installing the above yourself ;)

Step Two: Install the Vagrant Instance

Warning Giant, lifechanging shortcut here. I will cover the nuts and bolts behind this in a later lesson.

Thanks to Jeffery Way over at Laracasts, we have someone who really knows what they’re talking about to provide us with these types of gems.

Here is a little alias he has created (and it has worked wonders for me).

alias lamp="curl -L -o '' && curl -L -o 'Vagrantfile' && vagrant up"

Go ahead and install that alias (or just run the commands). Get a cup of coffee or two and you should be good to go.


Wait… but there must be more, right?!

Go ahead and hit: You should be golden.

Yes. It is that simple.

I did title this The Easy Way didn’t I?!

Let’s follow up next time with some fancy things such as configuring this to work with a better url such as http://mygreatproject.local.


I would love to hear any comments/questions or resources you would like to share. Let me know in the comments below or at @ErikOnTheWeb

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