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Wrapping up My Gatsby Site 1.0

March 24, 2019

I’ve been dabbling with Gatsby, but also wanting to get back into the swing of writing and get a fresh site up. Time to wrap this up!

Here a some of the reasons and excuses that have held me back from taking this live and replacing my Ghost blog.

erikaybar dot name screenshot


This is the biggest reason.

Syntax Highlighting

First you have to understand how great Dan Abramov’s syntax highlighting looks:

Dan Abramov's blog syntax highlighting

This is based on Sarah Drasner’s wonderful Night Owl VS Code theme

I wanted that. Fortunately, Dan has open sourced his blog and the source is available on GitHub. I was able to poke around and find out where the styles were coming from!

And voilà! ✨

// Source:
class Button extends React.Component {
  state = {
    textColor: slowlyCalculateTextColor(this.props.color),  }
  render() {
    return (
          'Button-' + this.props.color + ' Button-text-' + this.state.textColor // 🔴 Stale on `color` prop updates        }

📝 TODO: Extract and publish as a standalone package. 📝 TODO: Figure out how to enable syntax highlighting for inline code.


my gatsby before


my gatsby after

Ease of writing

Reduce friction for beginning a new post

Automate this with a script! Inspired by


yarn new-post 'My new greatest post!'


slug: my-new-greatest-post
date: 2019-03-24
title: 'My new greatest post!'
published: false

TODO: Write about My new greatest post!

I just am now discovering the Markdown All in One extension. So far it feels like a great addition to VS Code considering I use it as my primary markdown editor!

VS Code Markdown All in One extension

Converting my Ghost posts

I don’t imagine this is going to be too hard, but I’ve been putting it off. I’ve debated just scrapping everything I’ve written up until now, but that might make me too sad. I need to figure out how to automate this process. I know Kyle Shevlin has some experience with this. There might even be a live stream recorded up somewhere that I can learn a thing or two from 🌱…

GraphQL and Frontmatter things

At the minimum, I want to implement:

Bonus features I have in mind:

  • string Not sure on naming yet here, but I’d like to have a few different “types” of posts with different purposes.

    • Example post “types” and roughly what I’m envisioning
    • Dev log: Brief, brain dumps logging things I’ve learned or accomplished. Quality: low, Frequency: medium.
    • Quick tip: Brief, standalone tips distilled down to share. Quality: medium, Frequency: high.
    • Post: Full fledged blog post. Something I’ve put effort into writing/editing. Quality: high, Frequency: low.
    • I know I’ve seen examples of this out in the wild, I’ll have to dig it up and share/poke around.
  • frontmatter.spoiler: string Inspired by (see example)
  • Night mode 🌔 ↔️ ☀️
  • Pages such as: Portfolio, About Me, etc…
  • Surely many more…

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